Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Party

Sydney had a little Easter party at school today, Brian and I both went to witness the mayhem! She's never hunted eggs before since she was only 7 mos old last Easter so I showed her the eggs through the window and told her, 'You pick up the eggs and put them in your basket.' I didn't know if she understood really especially since the eggs were outside in their little play area. The teacher's opened the door and told the kids it's time...she got a little crazed, she definitely has a competitive side to her and filled up her basket in no time. Half the kids had no interest in the eggs, they just wanted to play and clearly had no idea some of them were candy-filled, some of the others picked up a couple and didn't quite get it. I woke Kaden up from his nap in his room so he could come to the party too, I think he was a little confused about what was going on.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dallas Arboretum

We went to the Dallas Arboretum last Sun with the Lieck's, their house in on the market and have been having open houses on Sun so we've been joining them as they get out of their house for a while. Sydney had hardly napped so our visit was a little short and you could tell she was approaching a meltdown, but she still had a lot of fun. Kaden took a little nap and while awake i think he liked being outside.
This is a covered wagon that's in the Pioneer Village and Sydney did not like other kids being in there with her, she screamed a little when another girl got in.