Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kaden is 7 weeks old now and is doing great. He'll sleep about 5-5 1/2 hours at night so he's almost sleeping through the night. We had his ears checked last week and they are looking so good, much improved. We go back next week and we'll find out if he has to wear the molds longer. He's growing so much we went up a diaper size about 3 weeks ago and I think we'll have to go up to the next size in a couple of weeks. He's already outgrown a lot of his clothes, I had forgotten how quickly they grow! He'll have his two month check-up in two weeks.

Sydney is doing better and is adjusting to being a big sister. Her favorite thing to do now is to get her two favorite blankets and a couple of her favorite toys and set-up a little spot to play it's usually behind the glider in the living room or in a corner in the sunroom.
Last week Sydney fell at daycare and had to get two stitches in her right cheek. It looked pretty bad, but it's healing quickly. She had the stitches removed today and it's looking good.